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All hands on deck

Building world-class social software, an industry-leading workplace and taking care of 30k+ customers in 100+ countries is no small feat. It takes a village to run Sprout, and no matter your team, position, level or tenure, you have a direct overall success of our company.

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Diverse Sprout employees smiling at work together in the office and at home with their families.
Diverse Sprout employees smiling at work together in the office and at home with their families.

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Develop elegant, sophisticated software that has a real impact on our customers’ businesses every day, and work tenaciously to differentiate our product through technical innovation.

Sales & Success

Sustainably grow the business and ensure our customers are set up for success by providing an extraordinary customer experience.


Bring Sprout’s product and brand to life for our current and potential customers through creative storytelling, effective targeting and exceptional demand generation efforts.


Work closely with the brands we serve and our platform partners to identify ways to improve our product and deliver on our mission to help them build stronger relationships with their customers.

Design & Creative

Shape not only how Sprout works, but how we look, feel and sound as a brand—both internally and externally. Intelligently craft all touch points to create a unified and informed experience that reinforces human connection.


Be a champion of Sprout’s unique culture, ensuring every candidate has an incredible experience, every team member is successful from day one, and every business unit has the talent and support needed to meet and exceed their goals.


Internally, provide tools and financial insight to enable our leaders to make the best business decisions. Externally, deliver a seamless billing experience to our customers, and support our ever-growing compliance and reporting needs as a public company.

IT & Security

Secure and protect the business from internal and external risks, including but not limited to: securing our infrastructure, creating and maintaining internal policies and standards, and monitoring and ensuring policies are met.


Provide comprehensive, efficient and proactive services to our stakeholders to minimize risk and enable the business to move forward. Provide support that is stable, swift and scalable.

Data Science

Utilize Sprout’s data in order to enhance our customer’s experiences and to conduct research, informing our product and our organization, thus enabling our coworkers to make more efficient, smarter and better decisions.


Ensure we have access to all relevant opportunities, serve as strategic resources to internal teams and, ultimately, be responsible for identifying and creating partner opportunities to deliver on our mission of being the perfect partner.


Facilitate efficient, scalable and smooth company transitions. This includes hiring the best people, managing the team’s benefits program and overseeing payroll.